OTB Gear 6850 Nostalgic Kühlerausgleichsbehälter Ausgleichsbehälter Alu poliert


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Nostalgic Kühlerausgleichsbehälter

OTB Gear 6850

Ausgleichsbehälter komplett aus poliertem Aluminium im Vintage-Style.
Mit einem im Sprocket-Style gefrästem Deckel aus Aluminium.

Druckloser Ausgleichsbehälter mit internem Überlauf.

Here is a traffic stopper item for you!…

We thought that the usual stainless steel tube didn’t look very vintage –

and, quite frankly, is a little boring.

This overflow bottle will bring sparkle and

uniqueness to your engine compartment.

A design this cool called for a cap that also made a statement.

This little jewel matches the rib pattern on the bottle to a tee.

Who says coolant recovery can’t be a visual art form…

OTB Gear 6850  Ausgleichsbehälter 7cm x 35cm

Cast in A-356 aircraft grade aluminum
and polished to show quality standards.

*Height 13.75″ (including cap).

*Diameter 2.75″.

*Capacity: 24 oz.

*Drilled and tapped for a 1/4″ NPT inlet fitting.

*Mounting rib is 5/8″ X 5″ – drilled

and tapped for two 1/4-20 bolts on 4″ centers.

*Mounting hardware not included.

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