Hot Rod Scheinwerfer Set Classic 682-J Headlights OTB Gear 682-J-11


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Hot Rod Scheinwerfer 682-J Paar

The „J“ designation was originally given to the 682 variation that did not carry the parking light shell.
These were marketed under both, The Guide and BLC trade names.


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Es werden 7″ Einsätze benötigt.

By popular request, we have now added the J to our line. Just as with the C variation, we have made a number of improvements to the original product. Also, as per the original, we offer this headlight with 2 types of trim ring, chrome plated and prime painted.

*As in the ’40’s, a name plate, or badge is provided. This badge is exactly the same size as the original. It is struck in solid brass and plated with nickel. The hardware is a custom run stainless screw that simulates a rivet. This is shipped unmounted, to be installed after painting the headlight.

Hot Rod Scheinwerfer von OTB Gear 682-J-11

*The mounting flange can be installed inside or on the outside of the headlight housing – secured by 4 stainless button head screws. Mount it outside for the old school look, or inside for a cleaner appearance.

The original flange was riveted to the outside of the housing, like it or not.

*You can wire thru the hollow mounting bolt, or thru the underside conduit hole – you choice. the original had a solid mounting bolt.

*Every component on this headlight is interchangeable with an original – all we did was make them better…

*Assembled in California with fanatical care – you can spend less for a headlight, but you can’t buy better!

*The 682-J accommodates the common 7″ sealed beam lamp (not included).

CooleParts ist der offizielle Hot Rod Scheinwerfer Lieferant von OTB GEAR in Europa.

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