Chevrolet Diff Cover Aluminium Rippen 12 Bolzen “Car”


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Chevrolet Diff Cover Alu

Aus poliertem Aluminium.

Sehr edel und super stabil!

Passt bei 12 Bolt Car Hinterachsen,
inkl. Oelablass und Befestigungsschrauben.

Brand New Polished Aluminum 12 Bolt Differential Cover.

Passt bei :
Chevy/GM 1964-72 Intermediates.
Chevelle 1964-72
El Camino 1964-72
Nova 1965-67 with 8.8″ Ring Gear
Camaro 1967-72
Bolts Included.

Fabricated from cast aluminum, C.O.P. Differential Covers extend ring and pinion gear life while enhancing your vehicle’s appearance.
Gears last longer because ring gear deflection is reduced.
The unique cast-in rib design of the aluminum differential covers increases oil capacity, cooling, adds strength and secures sealing.
This design results in cooler and safer operation.

COOLEPARTS – Your GM Axle Differential Cover Dealer since more than 18 years.

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