NEW Zünderteiler 8BA Ford 6V pos Flathead e-FIRE Distributor Stromberg 8BA-6


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Zünderteiler 8BA Ford 6Volt pos Flathead

e-FIRE electronic distributor for:

Flathead Ford – 8BA (1949-53)

6v positive ground.

e-FIRE Zündverteiler mit elektronischer Zündung in traditioneller Optik, einfache Installation und Wartung, keine Kontakte nachstellen ,etc…

NEW FROM STROMBERG for your 1949-53 Flathead Ford.

The Stromberg E-FIRE Distributor 8BA-6, with electronic ignition, traditional looks, easy installation and simple set-up.

Every e-FIRE distributor looks like it belongs on your traditional flathead motor, with a regular black cap and an old-school performance tag.
It’s also as short as we could make it, which is important if you’re building a hot rod.

Stromberg97 – 8BA-6

Every one has electronic ignition.
No points, no condenser, no black (or red) box and very little maintenance.
Just higher efficiency, economy and accurate spark timing.

It’s easy to install, with just two wires to a regular coil, and adjusts just like a stocker with the static timing screw on the side so you don’t have to unbolt it and turn the whole body.

The advance rate (and max total advance) is tuned specifically to suit the flathead V8 motor and every e-FIRE distributor is machine tested and ready to run.

Wir von CooleParts sind offizieller Stützpunkthändler von STROMBERG in Deutschland.

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